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Image of Seven Impale - City of the Sun (vinyl)

Seven Impale - City of the Sun (vinyl)


Single sleeve 12", black inner sleeve.

Since the formation of Seven Impale, this young progressive rock band has built up their name playing show in their hometown, and forming their own unique sound. The debut digital ep "Beginning/Relieve" was released in 2013 to critical acclaim, and the band has played diverse festivals like Oslo Jazz Festival and Inferno Festival the last year. Formed in Bergen, Norway in 2010, Seven Impale’s relatively young lineup consists of Stian Økland on vocals and guitars, Fredrik Mekki Widerøe on drums, Benjamin Mekki Widerøe on sax, Tormod Fosso on bass, Erlend Vottvik Olsen on guitar and Håkon Vinje on keyboards.

Now, Seven Impale's debut album, called "City Of The Sun", is finally ready. The album, recorded and produced by Iver Sandøy
(Enslaved, Krakow etc.) in Solslottet and Duper Studio, consists of five varied and complex tracks. The music is diverse and classic
progressive rock, but the band is never afraid to enter much harder sounds that are normally found in the metal genre. With the inclusion of saxophone, the band also have a lot of jazz elements in their music.

"City Of The Sun" is a debut that will have a huge impact on any fan of progressive rock!



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